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Hey fight fans! BJJ expert here, reporting live from PT People, your one-stop shop for connecting with the UAE’s finest BJJ trainers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of point fighting, a crucial element of any mixed martial artist’s arsenal. 


Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a curious beginner, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to rack up points and dominate the octagon!

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What is Point Fighting BJJ?

Point fighting, also known as technical striking, is a scoring system used in MMA and other combat sports to determine the winner of a match. Unlike knockouts or submissions, which instantly end the fight, point fighting focuses on controlled strikes and effective takedowns that rack up points throughout the rounds.

How is BJJ Works?

Understanding the scoring criteria is paramount in point fighting. Judges evaluate each fighter based on the following:



Effective Striking: 

Clean, controlled strikes to legal targets muscles in the (head, body, legs) with proper technique and power earn points. Focus punches like boxing, kicks as in kickboxing, knees, and elbows that land flush are highly valued.




Taking your opponent down to the ground effectively scores points. The complexity of the takedown and the amount of control time on the ground also factor in similar to the world famous MMA.



Dominant Position: 

Maintaining control on the ground (mount, back mount, side control) earns more points than just getting the takedown. Ground and pound with minimal damage can also contribute to dominant position scoring.



Octagon Control: 

Judges favor fighters who dictate the pace of the fight, maintain center control in the octagon, and force their opponent to react defensively.




Moving forward, initiating attacks, and constantly putting pressure on your opponent demonstrates aggression and earns points.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Dubai UAE, Wrestling & BJJ Classes

Beginner Point Fighting Class Examples Across the UAE:

Ready to step into the octagon and unleash your point-fighting prowess? PT People connects you with certified MMA trainers across the UAE, offering beginner classes perfect for learning the fundamentals:

Dubai Grappling Classes

Train with world-class striking coaches in Dubai Marina. Beginner class focuses on proper technique, footwork drills, and basic striking combinations to build a solid foundation.

Sharjah Wrestling Lessons

Sharjah residents, get your point-fighting journey started in Al Nahda. Experienced instructors guide beginners through takedown techniques, sprawl defense, and octagon control strategies.

Abu Dhabi MMA Gym

Dominate the competition in Abu Dhabi. Our BJJ trainers program emphasizes controlled striking, takedown awareness, and building the stamina needed for point fighting success.

Ras Al Khaimah BJJ Trainer

Level up your MMA game in Ras Al Khaimah. This beginner trainers introduces essential striking techniques, basic wrestling movements, and movement drills to develop agility and footwork.

Ajman Self Defence Classes

Sharpen your skills at in Ajman. Personal trainers beginner program focuses on point-fighting fundamentals, including stance, striking mechanics, and effective takedowns.

Al Ain Kids Combat Training

Get fight-ready in Al Ain. This beginner class equips you with the basic tools for point fighting, including footwork drills, basic striking combos, and takedown defense strategies.

Remember, these are just a few examples! PT People boasts a vast network of male instructors and female MMA fitness trainers across the UAE, ready

certified MMA trainers across the UAE

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