Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi (2024)

Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi (2024)

Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi (2024)

Hey everyone, Sam here from PT People! Living in Abu Dhabi and looking for a Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi to supercharge your fitness journey? A Fitness First trainer can be your ultimate guide and motivator. But with all the options, how much does it cost to train with them? Let’s break down the numbers to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi

The price of a Fitness First personal trainer in Abu Dhabi depends on several factors:

  • Session Type: In-gym sessions might be slightly more affordable compared to in-home personal training due to gym overhead costs. Online training can also be a budget-friendly option. Here’s a cost comparison:
    • In-Gym: AED 200-300 per session (average)
    • In-Home: AED 250-350 per session (average, might be slightly higher depending on location)
    • Online: AED 150-250 per session (average)
  • Session Package: Fitness trainers often offer discounted packages when you book multiple sessions upfront (block booking discounts). Here are some examples:
    • 10-session package: Expect a 10-20% discount on the single session rate. Savings could be AED 20-60 per session.
    • 20-session package: Discounts can go up to 25-30% on the single session rate. You might save AED 50-100 per session.
  • Group Training: Group training sessions are generally cheaper than individual sessions, making it a good option for friends or family with similar goals. Group rates typically start around AED 150 per person for groups of 3-5. Savings can be significant, reaching AED 50-100 per person compared to individual sessions.
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Here’s a Cost Comparison of Private Fitness Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi

FactorEstimated Cost (AED)Example Savings (Package)
Trainer Experience (High)250-350 per sessionN/A
Trainer Experience (Average)200-300 per sessionN/A
Session Type (In-Gym)200-300 per sessionN/A
Session Type (In-Home)250-350 per sessionN/A
Session Type (Online)150-250 per sessionN/A
10-Session Package(Single rate) – 10-20%Up to AED 20-60 per session
20-Session Package(Single rate) – 25-30%Up to AED 50-100 per session
Group Training (3-5 People)150 per personUp to AED 50-100 per person (compared to individual)
Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi (2024) | How Much Per Hour?

Beyond the Price Tag: Value for Money

While cost is important, consider the value you’re getting with a Abu Dhabi Fitness personal trainer:

  • Personalized Training Plans: Trainers create customized plans based on your goals and fitness level, unlike group classes.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from a trainer’s knowledge and experience to maximize results and avoid injuries.
  • Motivation and Support: A trainer acts as your accountability partner, keeping you motivated throughout your journey.

Free Consultation: Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with a Fitness personal trainer. This is a great opportunity to discuss your goals, ask questions, and get a personalized quote.

Exploring Alternatives:

Looking for more budget-friendly options? Consider these:

  • Group fitness classes: Fitness coaches offer a variety of group classes at a lower cost per session.
  • Online personal training: Explore online personal training options offered by PT People. We connect you with experienced trainers across the UAE at competitive rates.
Making the Right Private Trainer Choice in Abu Dhabi

Making the Right Private Trainer Choice:

The best option depends on your budget, goals, and preferences. Here are some additional factors to consider:

Location: Prices might vary slightly depending on the specific Fitness gym location in Abu Dhabi. Gyms in high-demand areas like Downtown Abu Dhabi or Yas Island might have slightly higher trainer rates compared to suburban locations.

Finding the Right Home Trainer:

PT people boast a diverse pool of trainers with various specializations for private home workouts.

Here’s a breakdown of costs based on trainer experience and specialization:

  • Newly Qualified Trainers: You might find introductory packages with newer trainers at slightly lower rates (around AED 180-220 per session).
  • Mid-Level Trainers (2-5 years experience): Expect rates to fall within the average range (AED 200-300 per session).
  • Senior Trainers (5+ years experience): These trainers typically command higher rates due to their expertise (AED 280-350 per session).
  • Specialist Trainers (e.g., weight loss, pre/postnatal): Expect to pay a premium for specialized knowledge (AED 300-380 per session).

Remember: These are just estimates. It’s always best to contact your preferred Fitness First gym for the latest rates and trainer availability.

Additional Considerations:

  • Session Duration: Most sessions are typically 60 minutes, but some trainers might offer shorter or longer sessions at adjusted rates.
  • Cancellation Policy: Understand the cancellation policy for booked sessions to avoid any unexpected fees.

Invest in Yourself Today!

A personal trainer can be a game-changer for your fitness journey. By considering the cost factors, package options, and the value you receive, you can make an informed decision.

Ready to take the next step?

  • Contact your local Fitness gym to inquire about pricing and packages.
  • Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and get a personalized quote.
  • Explore PT People ( for online personal training options with competitive rates across the UAE.

Remember, investing in your Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi is an investment in yourself. Take charge of your fitness journey today! We have also provided an awesome breakdown of the cost of a personal trainer in Dubai.

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